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Ride North: A Trip to the End of the Road, Literally (from

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Excellent journalistic photography paired with landscapes as far as the eye can see equal a pairing made in heaven.. deWith has given us all a feeling of what it is like to ride upwards across the continent in his photographs.. Thank you for posting and sharing your photos, sir!

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“We left early in the morning from San Francisco with our friends Jameson, Todd, Alex and Rich, which made for a great variety in bikes riding up the coastal Highway 1; we had two Harley Road Glides, a V-Strom, a café’d out four-cylinder Honda CB750 and of course our KLR and Ducati. After some early, early morning coffee we blasted over the Golden Gate Bridge and wasted no time going on to the twisty coastal road. We rode fast; our friends certainly know how to ride.”

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What do you think about this trip? Have you taken a similar one? Please start a convo in the comments and maybe we can make our own trip to the carolinas for some mountain riding?..