Ducati’s New Scrambler. Hip, Friendly, Fun for $8K

Ducati has unveiled a “brand new” model (inspired by the retro Ducati Scrambler of decades past), and a new segment for them. This is a bike further from anything else they currently do.

And it comes in at just over $8K USD, $8,595 MSRP to be exact.

What has me excited about this bike is the return to simplicity, it just seems like a bike built for fun, much like the Yamaha FZ-09. Distilled motorcycling.. except the Scrambler seems to like a bit of off-road duty as well, which is something I’ve always wanted to venture a bit into. How all the components will fair when thrown about and all around in those off-road adventures we have yet to see..

Oh yeah, and here is the announcement video.. a bit cheesy if you ask me..


Here are some photos, as for me, I think they have done a beautiful job styling this bike for the class. What else can you buy for $8K new that looks as nice as this?

View More Photos + Videos at ScramblerDucati.com


  • 370 lbs
  • 75 horsepower
  • 50ft /lb (torque)
  • Four Variations (Icon, Classic, Full Throttle, Urban Enduro)