Kevin Schwantz’s Riding Tips For Going Faster, Easier

A list from World Champion Kevin Schwantz, here are some riding pointers which will likely never turn false…

These may be nothing new, but we all need a good reminder now and again.. And don’t forget about the new guys. Enjoy.


1. Find and use reference points for braking, turn-in and apex

2. Focus your vision way out front

3. Select a gear that uses 60-80 percent of redline at the exit

4. Be loose on the bike and bars, not rigid

5. Get body position set for corners early

6. Hang off slightly – and comfortably – in corners

7. Use your legs to move you around the bike, not your arms

8. In the wet, be super-smooth with all control inputs

9. Ride with the balls of your feet on the pegs at all times

10. Ignore the rear brake

11. Don’t apex early; late apex whenever possible

12. Apply smooth but forceful throttle exiting a corner

13. Brake in segments: first 10 percent (to settle chassis), then 75 percent (hard braking), then 15 percent (releasing smooth toward apex)

14. Passing tip: Let off the brakes sooner and carry a bit more speed into the corner

15. If you get in too hot, look where you want to go, relax and will yourself to make the corner