2008 KTM Super Duke R Video Review

This short video review covers some of the highs and lows of the KTM Super Duke R.

  • Ma’ma Mc Cool

    Great Video Tye! can I request more? That was neat to watch and I learned some things about the Super Duke R. I won’t ramble. Super Great job! is the little gecko at the end your mascot? :()
    oh, oh, and the Like button seems not to allow me to like it. check it out.

  • JL

    Really cool review, thanks. Neutrally spoken from everyday user point of view. I have 2008 white SD from last week with about 1000 miles on clock and I suppose there is a lot of pleasant exploring ahead. Greetings!

    • Thanks for the comment JL. The SD is a great bike, it is definitely a little bit sensitive to setup too (different size tires, etc will change how it handles significantly). I will be posting another video (hopefully soon) about the chassis setup and what I’ve discovered with my Super Duke R.

      • les

        When you adapted the Ducati Monster bars to the Superduke R, how did you solve the problem of the larger diameter KTM mount?
        Thanks for the info. Great bike.

        • Actually the fat Magura bars fit right into the KTM mounting bracket.. so it worked perfectly.

          Note: These were bars off a 2009 Ducati Monster 1100S. The bars have a fat middle, with a taper to thinner diameter at the grips.

  • La Susa

    great review. i have also just bought the standerd sd, i have been doing all kinds of research in the past few weeks to see what the best upgrades are for the bike as far as best exaust,if the extra money for a full system is worth it. is a power commander necessary for tuning? Is there any type of convertion/upgrade kit to bring the standerd model to sdr specs?

    • Hey there, good questions and thanks for the reply.

      -There is no conversion KIT I know of which will bring the standard model up to SD-R spec.
      -Full system may not be worth it as you can get almost as much from a slip-on and custom map.
      -There is an alternative to power commander if you’re willing to do a little laptop and software work yourself.
      -You might want to check out a website (community) called http://SuperDuke.net as there are a lot of people who have had the SDs for years and have discovered every trick in the book, including how to use some software called TuneECU for changing fuel maps and much more.

  • ayam

    nice review… I want to ask you about the seat… is the ktm superduke r is originally come with single seat only… I want to ride with my belove wife.. if yes… is there any ways to modified that.. for me, the other model of ktm superduke with the passenger seat is a little bit uglier compare to the r spec if I’m not wrong… thank u… appreciate your help..

    • So sorry for the delay!

      If you read this, there is a way to modify it, however you will have to purchase parts from a stock Superduke and convert the seat to a dual seat. You can learn more about this from other people on the Superduke/KTM forum – you can find them on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/SuperDuke.Net

      Good luck!